At Fairline, we provide an eclectic range of services to cater to our clients’ needs. Our training programs are modelled on some of the finest curricula. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure complements the pedagogy and highly skilled trainers, ensuring that our clients have nothing short of the best learning experience.

Our different skill-based programs are as follows:

Professional Development Training

Our Professional Development Training solutions complement every learning style and delivery. We provide both standard sessions as well as customized on-site classes for our corporate clients.

Project Management Training & Consulting

Our Project Management Training and Consulting services focus on project management improvement initiatives. The immediate but long-term benefits include – higher quality and lower cost of products and services, an increase in customer satisfaction,reduced cycle time, and so much more.

Facilitation Training & Consulting

Effective facilitation techniques are essential - whether you are leading a task force, establishing performance objectives in a high quality team, or working with executives through strategic planning. Our workshop familiarizes and equips you with the appropriate techniquesand terminology.We also emphasize on techniques pertaining to getting the session started, engaging the group,managing dysfunction, and building consensus.

Personality Development Workshop

Communication is something all of us experience from the very first day of our lives, yet there is a question that haunts us most of the time “Did I express myselfcorrectly in such and such situation?” The answer to this question is tricky. Fairline’s Personality Development Workshop focuses on helping you develop strong communication skills that will advance your performance through your relationships and conduct with those around you.

Campus Training

At Fairline, we also conduct campus trainings for graduate students. We provide professional instructors; latest methods of learning and practical knowledge about the subject. We are aware that these factors make a vital difference in shaping the career of a student and use them to their benefit.

Corporate Training

Fairline offers a full spectrum of vendor-authorized technical, business skills, project management and application courses designed to suit every skill level. We also consult directly with organizations to design tailor-made learning plans for any number of employees.

Industrial Training

During this training, students are exposed to live projects that are running offsite or within the college campus. The students can learn from these and implement their learning outcomesin real-time environment.

Consultation Services

Fairline’s team offers consulting support for colleges and companies who seek our training, consulting and IT implementation services. With our experience in these fields, consulting recommendations are both practical and technically possible. Our consultation team can help the colleges and companies define their needs, identify specific areas to be addressed, and make recommendations for change.

We are flexible in our mode of instruction delivery, as is evident through the various services we provide:

Instructor‐Led Private Classroom Training

The Fairline Training Program is a fully supported, hands‐on classroom training course conducted at the company's training facilities. With this training model, students will directly benefit from the knowledge of experienced instructors in a small classroom environment. Our instructors are experts in their fields and are dedicated to presenting even the most technical courses in a clear and easy to understand manner. Our training curriculum is customized specifically to your needs. Classes are scheduled at your convenience in part and full‐day sessions so that you can reduce your out‐of‐office time and accelerate your learning simultaneously.

On‐site Training

On-site training is becoming more and more of a necessity for organizations around the world, specialized training in accordance with the organization's needs helps teams become more productive and innovative. On-site training has also grown from just training employees in a specific location to training employees globally via online training which reduces cost and allows multiple branches of the organization to learn together. On‐site training permits companies to adapt our courses to their organization's specific environment, goals, delivery mechanism, and curricula needs.

Public Enrollment Classes

Our classes are open to anybody with a desire and motivation to learn. We constantly strive to provide the best to our students. So, with state‐of‐the‐art computer training facilities, small classes, challenging and well‐structured hands‐on exercises, and convenient access to first‐rate materials and instructors, our truly effective training programs.

One‐on‐One Training

At Fairline we take special care for every student. Students have the attention of the trainer all the time so that they will be able to listen to or speak to us whenever they wish. Their strengths as well as weaknesses are pointed out more consistently and completely without the contest of other learners unlike the other training methods. As a result of this, they can turn out to be better candidates through this type of training. This private training is delivered by one of our expert instructors whose complete undivided attention will be focused towards you and your learning. You can benefit from private computer instruction whether you are a novice or a more experienced computer user.


Our E‐learning training offers high quality, self‐paced instruction that helps individuals achieve their goals anytime, anywhere ‐ 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at their convenience. This training is conducted through video conferences as per the convenience of the client. This model is particularly useful and is currently implemented with some of our international batches.

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Computer-based training is an interactive instructor-less educational process. Practically, learners interact with various types of learning material via computer. Computer-based training courses come in different shapes and forms. Fairline uses computer-based training as a flexible, convenient, and cost‐effective method to impart knowledge. Its stimulating explanations captivatethestudents who remain fully engaged during the session. CBT makes use of cuttingedge multimedia techniques including graphics, photographs, animation, sound,motion video and simulations.