Who we are

A team with a complete IT services profile including Training, Development,Placement, Maintenance, Support, IT Infrastructure, QA, Training, Staffing, Process Engineering and Digital Marketing. Fairline team with a wide spectrum of technology skills and supported with well-defined delivery process. Fairline team has reliable and an efficient global delivery model. We are well versed in creating the right engagement structures and gives flexible options to the customers. Rich experience in solution definition leveraging SAS model. The team is well acquainted with experience in delivering services worldwide and hence demonstrate high culture sustainability and good people engagement skills.

Founded in 2011, Fairline is a software development company specializing in recruitment & training services in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Fairline is a one-stop shop for information technology (IT), third party testing, recruitment & training services. We provide services in education, development and consultancy under a single umbrella.

We are currently providing 115+ courses at our three locations with 10+ experienced professionals.Fairline training programs continuously strive towards excellence in education, training, research and consultancy in the fields of Management and Information Technology with a mission of offering value- based education.Having completed 5 successful years in the industry, Fairline has built a reputation owing to our expertise in the delivery of effective high-end customized training from dots to dimensions. We are the preferred choice of training company for many as a result of our extensive capabilities and commitment to our principles.

Our Vision

To be the best in people business, converging our broad capabilities in unique ways to provide consummate results for our clients and associates.

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Self Learning
The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.
Get knowledge about online business, trend analysis, customer approaches, products marketing.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is practical and tailored to suit our clients’ requirements. Fairline offers an unmatched flexibility with its custom-built solutions. Fairline's service method is comprehensive in maximizing efficiency. We stress upon the importance of building strong customer relations and business partnerships. As a result, our values of integrity, service, candor, kindness, growth and continually increasing competence govern our behaviour towards all our stakeholders.

While everyone stresses the importance of ‘quality’ there is little understanding as to meaning of the word. Fairlineassists you in defining the roles and activities that are needed to achieve quality business processes that will produce benefits that are meaningful to the client.

Fairline follows four strategies to achieve its goals:

We build customized versions of our standard products, providing more value for specific customers.

We develop a strong marketing infrastructure.

We focus on small to medium sized companies.

We focus on follow‐up technology that is more appropriate for the masses, instead of leading technology that is best suited for experts.

Why Choose Us?

Fairline is committed to providing its clients with the best education and training. To ensure this, Fairline makes use of the following features that set it apart as one of the best software-based training institutions.

Experienced Trainers

At Fairline, our consultants have vast industry experience and expertise in different business domains. Through their knowledge and experience, the consultants provide the best practical solutions. Learning with our brilliant trainers will help you to gain knowledge of technologies in accordance with industry standards.

Hands-on Training

We believe that the best way to learn is by “doing”. Our training schedules are highly practice-oriented along with theory-based learning, and are dynamic and flexible enough to address needs of the IT industry. The hands-on experience you receive in our classroom will make it easy for you to apply the concepts outside the classroom as well.

Feedback Mechanism

We ensure the quality of training and services through an effective feedback mechanism. We have developed, Pre‐assessment feedback: to gauge the level of the participant and his expectations from the training and Post‐assessment feedback: to ensure that the participant’s expectations are met and the training was delivered as required.

Placement Assistance

We provide placement assistance by way of scheduling of interviews for our students should they require any help.

Affordable Fees

Our course fees are less compared to other providers of quality trainings in Ujjain. The fees will surely not come in the way of you being able to access the training you want.

Flexible Timings

We work round the clock! We will provide you with our professional services anytime as per your convenience.